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Winter Lockdown Tips and Advice


It is OK to feel uncertain and anxious during these very unprecedented times.

It is keeping about keeping it from escalating into further depression.

Here are some tips:


vitamin c 1000mgss

zinc 15mg

vit d3 at least 10ug

exercise- There are amazing work outs on youtube if the weather isn't ideal for outside exercise.

Nature- If you can a 10 minute walk a day is great. Keeping trim, lowering blood pressure, lowering anxiety, lifting mood, creating inner calmness and boosting your immune system.

We can look at his as LOCKDOWN or MORE TIME

more time to read, to start a new hobby, try not to focus on what you CAN'T do to WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Zoom is an amazing way to have a party with friends and family.

Texts, calls and social media are amazing at keeping us connected during these times.

As humans were are social beings and this is why the instant change of life is hard and takes a toll on us mentally.

NHS self referral talking therapies are an option though they may have a waiting list. These are free. Check online.

Listen to your favourite music. This has a positive impact on us and can easily help to lift our mood and of course dancing is a great form of exercise.

Try NOT to watch so much news. you will find out what you need to know.

Make this time a time for you, family and of course friends via social media.


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