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Who's Life is it Anyway?

From when we are born there's a huge amount of expectation on us as to how we will live our lives. What job we will do, who we will marry, how we will dress. This is from parents, family members, friends and society. What a huge expectation!! Do we live our lives for our family and those around us? Do we live our lves for ourselves? Who's life is it anyway?

Many people feel the pressure of living a life that isn't making them happy but it is making others happy. This is sacrificing who you are and pleasing people.

Sometimes in order to live the life we want we have to stand strong and sometimes this means losing certain people from your life. Finding your purpose is your journey , Those who are open minded enough will support you even if they do not understand you. Rights of passage. To live a life for others is too much and robbing you of your authenticity.

It is better to be alone than follow a crowd going in the wrong direction. Work on yourself, get to know yourself. We have to go within ourselves to free ourselves. The greatest minds were not afraid to be alone. Find your truth. The unexamind life is not worth living.

Spend time with people who forward and progress you, Who support you. Who are good for your mental health.T they can help you to see your personality in a brighter light. They will shed light on the things which are need of improvement This is your life, your journey, your growth, your mistakes, your lessons, your rewards, your happiness, your uniquness.

Find your Power. Do not be afraid of being who you are, who you want to be.

Who's Life Is It Anyway?

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