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2020 has been the year of mass change, for sure. What we thought we all knew has now changed. This has led to a rise in anxiety, depression and loneliness and frustration. Many have lost their relationships, loved ones, homes, jobs and our children were out of school for 6 months. We have no idea of the effect hat will have on them in the future.

Many of us are heartbroken and in a mass, global grief. of the loss of our way of life and that is very valid and understandable. However the length of time we are in this won't do us much good in the long term.

We have been conditioned to know the end of the story, our story. We have been told to structure our lives, go to school then go to work and get married, raise families and then retire. We create a checklist and when life doesn't go the way we wanted, believed or thought it would we suffer. We believe it is because we are not worthy. We cling on to what we know because that is safe and our subconscious minds like the same because it is familiar even if you are not happy. This is where the expression in your comfort zone originates from.

We have been conditioned to believe WE KNOW HOW LIFE WILL PLAY OUT and when it doesn't we protest, we get sad, anxious, depressed, angry. This time 2020 has plunged us ALL into UNCERTAINTY. The true level of life we never REALLY know 100%. Yes we can plan however that is a goal that is hoped for however life can change that. We miss the moment because we are so attached to the outcome. We put our focus on the end, to be in control of the outcome.

Myself included have spent a long time focusing on the restrictions we find ourselves in. This is very normal as we have had a lot of control and say over our lives, in the Western countries. Now that has been amended, altered and changed we feel we are at a loss.

What we can do is focus on what we CAN DO. We can choose to work on our internal happiness. We can use social media and technology to stay electronically connected. We can take up a new hobby. We can do fitness classes online. We can support people by starting up a support group. We can take walks in nature and learn from it. It is always changing and still looks beautiful and still keeps growing and evolving. The true wisdom is that we don't know anything,

Be certain of YOU. Be certain of your feelings . Learn to flow with life.


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