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Who am I without my Roles?

I am a woman, a citizen, a mother, a wife, a friend, an aunt, a sister a worker. Take away all of these roles WHO AM I?

A woman who culture and society expect me to look forever young and beautiful. Am I wearing my make up, dressing up for me or my husband or the partner in my life?

I am a citizen bound by laws and expectations of how to act. What is wrong and what is right is what I am told. How to behave, how to think.

A mother. My children expect me to bow to their every whim and need, cuture and society expect me to put my needs and wants on the back burner otherwise I am classed as selfish.

A wife. In my experiece of a wife it is liberating as my husband has no expectations of my role as a wife. He can cook, clean and do everything for himself. Society would expect me to cook, clean and take care of him.

Without any of these roles WE ARE WHO WE CHOOSE TO BE. We are energy. We are enough. We are limitless. We are the I AM. The presence, the space.

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