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Working From Home- Office Life

Working from home has become a lot of people's new norm but how do you leave the office life behind when it is now in your home?

Here are a few tips~

Pair up with someone else at your company so if you feel you need a break they can carry your work for a short while.

Discipline , discipline, discipline. Drawing a line

Be firm with yourself. Many people have told me that they do their day job, at home, and don't even get dressed. Then feel very sluggish and find it hard to get motivated. Before we go to, outside work, we have prep time. We clean ourselves, get dressed, eat and then travel. Get up and get washed and dressed and eat before you start work. Have specific break times and stick to them.

Be conscious of time on social media

While social media is the go to now for everything time spent aimlessly going through sites can be draining and tiring. Take time away from the computer and take a breath of fresh air.

Find time for outdoor activities and not just in the home. Make time for social activities outside the home with friends and family.

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